Tadeusz Srogi was sent again to Block 11 for punishment in October of 1944, allegedly in connection with an escape attempt. (It is unlikely would have been Bielecki’s successful getaway, otherwise Srogi would surely have been killed.) Srogi was then transferred to Flossenbürg where he received prisoner number 37740. He was liberated there on May 9, 1945. He gained a degree in economics and worked for a Pafawag factory in Wroclaw until retirement. He served as a member of the audit committee of the Lower Silesian District of the Polish Association of Former Political Prisoners of Nazi Prisons and Concentration Camps. He died on November 14, 2009 in Wrocław and was reportedly buried at the Grabiszyński Cemetery in Wroclaw although is no evidence of such in its on-line directory.

Tadeusz Srogi’s name on Flossenberg Camp list