Mordka Cytryn’s seldom-mentioned accomplices were all Jewish:
1. Abraham Gotzel (aka Getzel or Gecel Abramowicz), born on June 19, 1900 in Warsaw, was arrested in Paris in 1941 by French police. He arrived from the Compiègne transit camp on March 30, 1942. He became # 27577.
2. Jacob Balaban (aka Kuba Bałaban), born on October 10, 1916 in Jadów near Wyszków, was brought to Auschwitz on January 13, 1943 via the Łomża ghetto and Zambrów. He became # 86794.
3. Sandor Eisenbach (aka Mendel Eisenbach), born on July 29, 1900 in Nowy Sącz, was apprehended in Piešt’any, Slovakia and brought to Auschwitz on April 24, 1942. He became # 32704.
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