Road from the train to the crematorium.

Here is the Birkenau roadway leading from the Auschwitz arrivals ramp for railway transports to the gas chambers and crematoria IV & V.     Far more than a million people, including babies and infants, took this route to be murdered. Please imagine being on this road.

This site has been prepared and is offered strictly as a public service to enhance awareness and understanding of the Holocaust in general, and Rudolf Vrba in particular. Neither I, its writer, Alan Twigg, nor its webmaster, Sharon Jackson, are Jewish. We have made other public interest sites, without payment or personal benefit.

I knew Rudolf Vrba; we met several times. Vrba died before we could become friends; I never met Robin Vrba until after 99% of this website was already built and posted. In an ideal world this web service would awaken others to the need to recognize and celebrate Rudolf Vrba — most notably the City of Vancouver, the city of Bratislava and the nations of Canada, Israel and Slovakia.


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